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Abhrak Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Abhrak bhasma should be stored at room temperature, down from heat and direct sun in dry and aseptic vessels. It should be kept out of reach from children and pets.

Potassium and magnesium present in Abhrak relaxes narrowed blood vessels and helps control high blood pressure.

Yes, Abhrak bhasma might help control blood sugar position as well as its associated problems like generalised weakness and languor due to its hypoglycemic exertion. 

Abhrak bhasma is medically useful in numerous conditions and its side goods are rare but if you face any problems like stomach derangement, nausea, puking, skin rashes after taking it, you can stop using it and better consult your doctor. However, it may beget increase in jiffs, If Abhrak bhasma is consumed orally in high bonuses. So always consume in lozenge recommended by the Doctor.

No, As Abhrak bhasma is a mineral, it has to be taken under medical supervision, in proper lozenge and for the applicable duration only. Long term operation or overdose may vitiate order function.

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