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Amaltas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Amaltas is extensively used in Ayurvedic drugs to reduce the manage various gastrointestinal diseases.

Yes, Amaltas may be useful in managing constipation, especially in children, due to its laxative property. It helps in easy expatriation of coprolite and reduces pain during the process.

Yes, Amaltas leaves are used for fever due to their antipyretic parcels. It lowers the temperature of the body and reduces body pain associated with fever due to its analgesic exertion.

Amaltas helps in habitual cough due to its antitussive exertion. It acts as a cough suppressant and helps reduce cough. 

Amaltas boosts impunity due to its immunomodulatory conditioning. It improves the vulnerable system by controlling the product of RBC cells in the spleen and increases the number of cells responsible for erecting up impunity.

Yes, Amaltas helps in weight loss by perfecting the metabolism of the body. 

Amaltas helps in inflammation due to their its anti-inflammatory parcels. It helps reduce the pain and inflammation in the affected area. The antioxidants present in Amaltas fight against the free revolutionaries and prevents an inflammation-associated condition.
Amaltas is used on the skin due to its tangy parcels. It causes compression of cells, which helps strain the pores. It also removes redundant canvas from the skin. Together, it helps help acne and pustules. 

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