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Amba Haldi or ambiya haldi is also known as kachhi haldi(raw turmeric). It is considered as one of the most vital herbs in the ayurvedic medicinal system. Amba haldi is collected from the eastern Himalayan region. It is reared and cultivated in India to be used in various medicines. Amba Haldi is a seasonal plantation. You get the herb at the time of monsoon. Amba Haldi is extremely beneficial because of its contents. It is absolutely natural and safe for usage.

Amba haldi is anti-inflammatory in nature and the same is known for its antibiotic quality. In Pakistan and India, haldi is mainly used for skin smoothening and skin perfection. The haldi smells like mango and it has a close relation with the ginger root.

Here is the list of Amba Haldi benefits:

1.    Amba Haldi helps in healing throat infections. It helps in treating tracheobronchial and nasal congestion.

2.    The haldi is mainly used as an appetizer.

3.    It is antipyretic and aphrodisiac in nature and for this reason, it is used in healing skin diseases.

4.    The wild form of amba haldi is used for skin care treatment.

5.    Amba Haldi helps in maintaining proper health of our digestive system and stomach related health.

6.    Right solution to relieve hiccups

7.    Amba haldi(raw turmeric) is a blood revitalizing agent. It helps in purifying blood by eliminating toxins from our body.

8.    The haldi comes with perfect antimicrobial and anti-oxidant qualities.

9.    Amba haldi helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

10. In Chinese medicine, it is known for treating several forms of cancer. However, there is little evidence regarding the effectiveness of the herb in treating dangerous ailments.

Vernacular Names:

Bengali Name : Aam Aadaa

English Name : Mango Ginger, Mango Turmeric

French Name : Gingembre mangue

German Name : Safranwurz

Gujarati Name : Aambaa Haldar

Hindi Name : Amba Haldi, Ama Haldi, Kapoorhaldi, Ban Haldi

Kannada Name : Ambarasini, Huli Arseen

Latin name : Curcuma amada Roxb

Marathi Name : Aambe Halad, Ambaa Halad

Persian Name : Darchob

Punjabi Name : Ambiya Haldi

Sanskrit Name : Karpura-haridra

Urdu Name : Amba Haldi

Product Info
Scientific Name: Curcuma Aromatica
English Name: Wild Turmeric
Part Used:

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