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Bhumi Amla Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bhumi amla helps to regrow hair and control hair loss caused due to chemotherapy. Studies show that giving Bhumi amla orally prevents hair loss by precluding the damage to hair follicles or by inhibiting the effect of chemotherapy medicines on hair follicles. It's also helpful in manly pattern baldness caused due to manly hormone imbalance.
Bhumi Amla is good for reducing Urinary infections due to its antibacterial and diuretic parcels. This helps increase the production of urine and manages urinary diseases. Taking Bhumi Amla along with 1 glass of water before breakfast once a day prevents the growth of bacteria.
Bhumi Amla Powder is good for the liver due to its liver defensive and antiviral parcels. It also helps to regrow hair by precluding the damage to hair follicles.

It lowers indigestion and acidity due to its parcels of Pitta balancing which helps to ameliorate digestion and Sita ( cold) energy which helps to reduce acidity. 


It acts as a blood cleaner and reduces skin diseases when taken internally due to Tikta ( bitter) Rasa and Pitta balancing nature. 


Bhumi Amla has the property of balancing Kapha as a result of which reduces cough, asthma, breathlessness, and hiatus. 


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