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Elaichi Small Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cardamom is an extremely protean spice and is used all over the world in coffee, cookeries, meat and fish fashions. It's stylish to use fresh Cardamom and grind the capsules to add flavor to food. 

Cardamom has an affable and sweet flavour that blends with other spices. Due to this, it's generally used as a mouth freshener as well as a spice in various Indian cookeries.
Although not enough substantiation is available, Cardamom greasepaint might help in weight operation. It might help reduce your jones and enhance fat metabolism. Melatonin present in Cardamom helps increase the fat burning process in the body.
Cardamom greasepaint might help control high cholesterol if taken regularly. This is due to its antioxidant and lipid-lowering parcels.
Yes, Cardamom is good for perfecting sight when it's taken with honey. 
Yes, Cardamom is good for maintaining good oral health. Cineole in Cardamom has antibacterial and antiseptic parcels that kill the oral pathogenic bacteria. Also, its taste and the stringy fleece stimulate the inflow of slaver and cleanse the teeth. Thus, biting Cardamom helps get relieved of bad breath and other oral infections.
Cardamom canvas or paste can be applied to skin problems like crack, rashes and skin conditions. It helps by fast mending and gives a cooling effect in case of any burning sensations. This is due to its mending and cooling parcels.
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