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IndianJadiBooti Reetha - Ritha - Soap Nut - Soapnut - Acacia Concinna

Reetha, commonly known as Soapnuts, is also known as Arishtak in Ayurveda and "Soap nut tree" in India. It is well renowned for its traditional medical applications and is frequently used as a hair cleaner.

Reetha is often employed in the production of natural hair care products since it makes hair beautiful, healthy, and lustrous. It can be used on a daily basis to nourish the hair scalp and encourage hair renewal. Because of its insecticidal properties, reetha powder can be mixed with warm water to make a paste that can be used to massage the scalp to help treat dandruff and eradicate lice. 

Amla and Reetha powder can be applied to the hair to help control greying and stimulate greater hair development.

You can use Reetha powder as a body wash by combining it with water and boiling it until it is reduced to half. Because of its Tridosha quality, it also helps control skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and pimples, according to Ayurveda (Vatta Pitta Kaph balancing property). Reetha decoction (Kadha) may also be used as a wound cleaner since it promotes wound healing and prevents subsequent infections. 

It is best to avoid using Reetha water on sensitive areas such as the eyes, as it might cause redness and swelling of the eyelids. 

Reetha Advantages

Intestinal Worms

Reetha aids in the control of intestinal worms. Worms are referred to as Krimi in Ayurveda. Worm growth is aided by low Agni levels (weak digestive fire). Taking Reetha helps to increase the digestive fire and eliminate the optimal environment for worm formation. Its Tikta (bitter) and Tikshna (sharp) qualities aid in the removal of worms.


Reetha aids in the regulation of asthma symptoms and provides relief from shortness of breath. The main doshas associated in asthma, according to Ayurveda, are Vata and Kapha. In the lungs, vitiated 'Vata' joins with disturbed 'Kapha dosha,' causing obstruction in the respiratory route. As a result, breathing becomes difficult. 

Swas Roga is the medical term for this ailment (Asthma). Because of its Ushna (hot) nature, Reetha helps to balance Tridosha and remove excess mucus from the lungs.


Weight gain is caused by poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which results in a weak digestive fire. This increases Ama buildup, generating an imbalance in the Meda dhatu and, as a result, fat. Because of its Ushna (hot) and Tikshna (sharp) qualities, Reetha aids with weight control. It also boosts metabolism and clears blockages in the circulatory system, assisting in the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body. 


Flatulence is produced by a Vata-Pitta dosha imbalance. Low Pitta dosha and increased Vata dosha cause a lack of digestive fire, which impairs digestion. Gas production or flatulence results from impaired digestion. Reetha aids in the restoration of damaged digestion. Because of its Ushna (hot) potency, it increases Agni (digestive fire) and removes excess gas due to its Vata balancing effect. 


Dandruff, according to Ayurveda, is a disorder characterised by flakes of dry skin on the scalp. This could be related to an imbalance of Vata and Pitta doshas. Because of its Tridosha balancing properties, Reetha helps reduce dandruff and encourages hair development. Reetha's Tikshna (sharp) character also aids to maintain the scalp dandruff-free.

a. Make a Reetha powder paste with warm water.

b. Massage into the scalp and hair.

c. Massage the soap into a lather.

d. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing with plain water to control dandruff. 

Itching of the skin

Itching can be caused by dryness (Vat) or by cyst development (Kapha). Excessive sweating can cause itchy skin (Pitta). This signifies that itching is caused by the three Doshas (Vat-Pitta-Kapha). Because of its Tridosha balancing properties, Reetha helps to relieve itching and inflammation.

a. Use 1-2 teaspoons of Reetha powder.

b. Mix in 2-3 glasses of water.

c. Boil until the water is reduced by half.

d. Strain the liquid and use it as a body wash to relieve skin itching. 

Lice on the Head

Lice are tiny insects that live on the scalp. Head lice grow and persist in favourable conditions such as excessive sweat, dirt on the head, or shampoo/soap residue on the scalp.
Because of its Tikshna (sharp) nature, Reetha aids in the removal of lice by removing the favourable conditions and cleaning the scalp.

a. Make a Reetha powder paste with warm water.

b. Massage into the scalp and hair.

c. Massage the soap into a lather.

d. Wait a few minutes before rinsing with plain water to get rid of head lice. 


When administered to the affected area, Reetha helps to treat bone and joint pain. According to Ayurveda, the bones and joints are Vata sites in the body. Vata imbalance is the primary cause of joint pain. Because of its Ushan (hot) potency and Vata balancing properties, using Reetha helps to decrease joint discomfort.

a. Make a Reetha powder paste with warm water.

b. Apply the cream to the affected region and keep it on for 1-2 hours.

c. Rinse with plain water to relieve joint pain. 

Reetha Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the powder of Reetha and Amla when used together and applied on the hair and scalp stimulates better hair growth and helps control grey hair.

Yes, Reetha are often used everyday for hair wash. it's thanks to its cleansing property that helps to urge obviate oily secretions from scalp and also it forms an upscale and natural lather.

Yes, Reetha can cause acidity due to its hot potency.

No, Reetha decoction is employed to wash the wound. It accelerates the healing process and also stops secondary infections thanks to sharp property.
Although enough scientific evidence isn't available, external application of Reetha could also be good for the skin. In traditional medicine, Reetha is employed for managing eczema, psoriasis and pimples. it's going to even be useful in removing freckles, tan and excess oil from the skin.

Yes, Reetha could also be good for hair. It are often used as a natural cleanser for laundry hair because it contains saponins that act as foaming agents. Reetha can also be useful in managing dandruff and removing lice from the scalp thanks to its insecticidal property.

No, Reetha alone isn't scientifically proven to regulate hair fall. it's foaming and cleanser thanks to the presence of saponins which when mixed with water produces natural lather. Therefore, Reetha helps to cleanse hair scalp when used regularly.

Yes, herbal preparation of Reetha with Amla and Shikakai helps to regulate grey hair along side another benefits. Reetha may be a foaming agent that helps to wash scalp by providing natural lather. Amla helps in darkening of hair, Reetha provides cleansing action while Shikakai helps to clear dandruff, thus making the scalp healthy.

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