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Arabic Name : Bazrqutoona, Bizr al-qutoona, Luqmat al-na’ja Bengali Name : Isabgul, Eshopgol Chinese Name : Ch’-Ch’ientzu English Name : Psyllium, Flea Seed, lspaghula Seed French Name : Graines de Psyllium Gujarati Name : Uthamujeerun, Isaphgol Hindi Name : lsabgol, Isapgol, Isapghul, Isarghol, Ispaghul Kannada Name : Issabagolu Kashmiri Name : Ismogul, Satismogul Latin name : Plantago ovata Forsk. Marathi Name : Isapghol Persian Name : lsabghol, Isparzah Punjabi Name : Isapghol Sanskrit Name : Snigdhajira, Ashwagolam Urdu Name : Isabghol, Aspaghol (Seeds), Bhusi Isabghol (Husk)
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Scientific Name: Plantago Ovata - Spogel Seeds
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