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Kabab Chini Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sheetal Chini or KababChini is a perennial woody climber with ash grey climbing stems and branches, rooted at the joints. The dried, fully-grown but unripe fruit is used for medicinal purposes. Fruits possess a spicy, aromatic odor and somewhat bitter and acrid in taste.
Piper Cubeba, Kankolaka, Cinosana, Cinatiksna, Kakkola, Kankolika, Kakkol, Kababcheni, Kahabchini, Sugandhamaricha, Cubebs, Tailed Pepper, Chanakabab, Chinikabab, Kababchini, Gandhamenasu, Balamenasu, Kushfal, Cheenamulaku, Takkolam, Valmulaku, Kankol, Sardchini, Vaali milaku, Valmilagu, Chalavamiriyalu, Tokamiriyalu
Yes, Sheetal chini can be used in foods as a condiment and flavouring ingredient due to its carminative property. It might aid in digestion and prevent flatulence.
Excess intake of Sheetal Chini can cause hyperacidity and regurgitation.

No, they are not similar. Sheetal Chini or Kabab Chini looks near similar to black pepper, but with stalks attached to the tail. This gives it a common name, tail pepper. The odor of tail pepper is aromatic and the taste is pungent and slightly bitter. Kabab Chini’s oil is not as peppery in the aroma as black pepper essential oil. It is softer, warm, and has a woody fragrance.

According to Ayurveda, Kabab chini or Sheetal chini is pungent and bitter in taste. It is widely used to manage the symptoms of cough and cold.
Yes, Sheetal Chini might act as natural antioxidant due to its free radical scavenging activity. Various components present in Sheetal chini have the ability to fight the free radicals and prevent cell damage.
Sheetal Chini may cause headache if not administered in proper doses.
Traditionally, a paste of Sheetal Chini had been used as a mouthwash for various oral problems including bad breath.
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