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Majuphal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Majuphal roots might help manage diabetes because it helps to lower blood glucose levels. It increases the utilisation of glucose within the body and enhances insulin secretion. This helps to lower blood glucose levels.
Yes, Majuphal might help in diarrhea because it contains certain constituents (tannins) which have an astringent property. It promotes constriction of mucous membranes and reduces the discharge of blood and mucus secretions. Majuphal gall extract or powder is employed for managing diarrhea.
Yes, Majuphal is sweet for bones thanks to the presence of certain minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, oxygen, potassium, aluminium, silica etc. These minerals increase bone strength. Majuphal also contains certain constituents which improve bone metabolism that's endless cycle of bone growth and resorption.
Yes, Majuphal might help within the management of fever thanks to its antipyretic activity. It brings down the blood heat and reduces the symptoms of fever.
Yes, Majuphal leaves are used for managing skin wounds or injuries thanks to its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. The phytoconstituents present in Majuphal helps in wound contraction and closure. It promotes the formation of collagen and new skin cells. It also has an antibacterial property that reduces the danger of infection within the wound. This helps in quick healing of the wounds.
Yes, Majuphal powder improves gums and keeps teeth healthy. it's added as an ingredient in tooth powders and helps in gums tightening thanks to its astringent property. It also helps to wash , detoxify and take away sticky deposits from the teeth.
Yes, Majuphal might help manage certain skin infections like ringworm thanks to its anti-fungal property. It inhibits the activity of fungi and prevents infections.
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