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Common Names Of Grewia Hirsuta

Grewia hirsuta is a plant which belongs to the family of Tilaceae. It is also known as Nagabala, Guda sharkara and Gangeruki. Veronicalolia is an English name of this plant. In Hindi, it is known as Kukurbicha.


Occurrence Of Grewia Hirsuta

This plant is found in East Asia such as India, Srilanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc. In India, it is usually found in Vindhya regions like eastern U.P, Bihar and Rajasthan. It is generally found in mixed deciduous and dry evergreen forests.


Description Of Grewia Hirsuta

Grewia hirsuta is a shrub with coarsely gray, brown colored hairy branches. Stalks of the leaves of this plant are 3 mm long. The Leaves are of lance shaped with 6-14 cm length and 2-3.5 cm width. These leaves are of black-brown color when dried. The lateral basal veins of the leaves are as long as the leaf blade and the lateral veins occur in 4 to 5 pairs. The Flowers of this plant are white in color and are borne in cymes (3 to 4 flowers per cyme). Stalk of this flowers are 3-5 mm in length. Bracts are also 3-5 mm in length with lance shaped. Petals are narrowly ovate.

The flowering period of this shrub is June to July. White colored flowers of this plant gradually turns into yellow color and then turns into brown color when fully grown. The buds of these flowers are globose.

The fruits of this shrub are small in size and are of yellow color. The fibrous roots are cylindrical in shape, with brown colored external surface.


Restores weight and strength of the body

The management of heart disease has use of Nagbala. The powder of Nagbala root and Arjuna (bark of tree Terminalia arjuna) are mixed and used with milk. The recipe is given to patient of a month. It eradicates heat disease, cough and dyspnoea. It is also useful as excellent Rasayana if taken for a year the man lives full life of hundred years as mentioned in medical text.

Health benefits:

A tonic useful in general debility and muscle wasting. Nervine and brain tonic.


Ayurvedic properties : Rasayana and Vajikaran. Vata and pitta alleviator . Improves quality of all dhatus.


Traditional uses:

Powder is useful in weight gain when taken with ghee and honey.

When taken with milk it strengthens heart and lungs hence beneficial in cardiac diseases and respiratory diseases involving wasting and debility.



Powder 1 to 3 g with milk or ghee and honey or garlic.

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Scientific Name: Nagbala - Gageran Chaal - Grewia Tenax
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