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Pashanbhed Root Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Pashanbhed should be packed in gunny bags and stored during a cool and dry atmosphere.
Yes, Pashanbhed might help in reducing a fever thanks to its antipyretic activity. A study suggests that Pashanbhed helps induce sweating and normalizes the elevated blood heat during fever.
Yes, Pashanbhed provides protection against malaria infections thanks to its antiplasmodial activity. It inhibits the expansion and activity of the malarial parasite and prevents infection.
Yes, Pashanbhed might help reduce microbial infections thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Pashanbhed has high contents of phenolic and flavonoid compounds which are liable for inhibiting the expansion of microbes.
Yes, Pashanbhed might help reduce cough thanks to its antitussive property. Antitussive agents present in Pashanbhed help provide relief from cough by promoting the removal of sputum from the airways. This helps ease breathing and reduces cough.
Although enough scientific evidence isn't available, Pashanbhed might help lower the amount of blood sugar , thereby managing diabetes.
Yes, Pashanbhed might work as an antioxidant thanks to its radical scavenging activity. It fights against the free radicals and prevents cell damage, thereby preventing various diseases.
Yes, Pashanbhed could be useful within the management of skin burns and boils. It’s paste are often applied to the affected area so on reduce pain and inflammation at the affected site thanks to its anti-inflammatory property.
Yes, Pashanbhed might help in teething troubles in young children . Rubbing Pashanbhed powder along side honey on the gums helps in relieving irritation within the gums thanks to teething issues in children.
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