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Pista Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can have ¼-1/2 mug of Pistachios in a day. Pistachios can also be used as snacks. It's rich in proteins and gives a feeling of wholesome. 

Yes, Pistachios can be soaked in water before eating. Soaking Pistachios makes it softer and increases its nutritional value. You need to soak Pistachios for roughly 5-6 hours. 
You can not eat the Pistachio shell as it's veritably hard. Also, caution should be taken while giving Pistachios to children as the shell or the nut if swallowed can beget choking.
A whole single Pistachio has about3.42 calories 
Yes, Pistachio has a part in weight loss. It contains fibre, protein and certain unsaturated adipose acids. This improves metabolism and reduces the accumulation of fat.
Yes, Pistachio (Pista) is good for your heart. Magnesium in Pistachio promotes vasodilation and helps to lower the high blood pressure
Yes, Pistachio can be used in the case of skin hyperpigmentation. It has good antioxidant property that fights against the free revolutionaries.
Pistachios are rich in fibre content that slows digestion and increases malnutrition. This makes it a healthy snack in between refections. This can help in losing weight. Still, Pistachios should always be taken in a limited quantum to avoid weight gain.
Yes, Pistachios are considered a powerful food for the brain due to their antioxidant exertion. The antioxidants present in the Pistachio fights against the free revolutionaries and prevent brain cell damage. This results in perfecting brain exertion and memory.
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