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Ragi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Eating Ragi reduces burning sensation within the stomach. this is often because it gives a cooling effect thanks to its Sita (cold) nature.

Ragi helps to digest, this is often due to its Laghu (light to digest) property. So Ragi may be a good selection if you've got weak digestion.

No Ragi is sweet for your eyes. Presence of polyphenols within the testa of Ragi has potent anti cataract activity.
No Ragi doesn't cause weight gain. Ragi is rich in fiber and thus helps in maintaining weight

Yes, Ragi could also be useful in managing cholesterol levels. Ragi contains fibre and polyphenols that have a hypocholesterolemic effect.

Yes, Ragi could also be good for the skin. Ragi contains certain essential amino acids which will keep the skin healthy.

Yes, Ragi is good for hair. it contains certain essential amino acids and fatty acids that keep hair healthy.

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