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Sesame Seeds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sesame seeds are often eaten raw. They will even be toasted and baked.

Black Sesame seeds aren't hulled, i.e., their outer shell (hull) isn't removed whereas white Sesame seeds are hulled, i.e., their outer shell (hull) is removed. there's a really subtle taste difference between the black and white Sesame seeds. Black Sesame seeds are slightly bitter in taste whereas white Sesame seeds are more nutty in flavour.

Yes, both black and white Sesame seeds are gluten free.

You can soak Sesame seeds in water overnight to form Sesame milk.

Sesame seeds may cause allergies in people allergic thereto .The allergy may range from mild which is characterized by cough and itching, to severe case of anaphylactic attack (serious allergic reaction).
Yes, Sesame seeds are beneficial for healthy bones. this is often thanks to the presence of calcium and phosphorus which provides strength to the bone.
Yes, Sesame seeds might provide protection against radiation because it contains antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent free radical-mediated cell damage caused by radiation.
Yes, Sesame seeds and oil could also be beneficial for the skin. They act as moisturizer by trapping water within the upper layer. They also act as emollient and refatteners, i.e., they improve the lipid layer within the upper layer of the skin, thus preventing dryness and dermatitis. vegetable oil protects the skin from UV radiation and also inhibits the expansion of the many skin pathogens. It keeps the skin soft and supple, tightens it and heals minor scars and cuts.
Yes, Sesame seeds and oil could also be beneficial for hair. Sesame seeds and oil contain a bioactive compound called sesamin that forestalls hair loss and greying of hair. it's also useful in nourishing dry scalp and protecting hair from the damaging effects of sunlight and pollution. Moreover, it's also beneficial in strengthening hair shafts and roots.
Yes, Sesame seeds could also be useful in promoting hair growth. Sesame seeds and oil contain zinc which is related to proper growth of hair. They're beneficial in maintaining a balance between hair growth and loss.
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