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Suhaga Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Suahaga is known as Tankana in Ayurveda and Borax in English. It is available in crystalline form and has various therapeutic properties that might help improve health. 
Borax, Tanka, Dravaka, Veligatam, Ponkaram, Suhaga, Sodium tetra borate decahydrate, Tankana.

Yes, Suddh Suahaga might cause a burning sensation if your skin is hypersensitive as it is hot and alkaline in nature.

1. Suddh Suahaga with Coconut oil
a. Take 1/2 teaspoon of Suddh Suhaga.
b. Add coconut oil to it and apply on the scalp and hair.
c. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse with shampoo. 
d. Use this remedy 1-2 times a week to control dandruff.
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