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Vidharikand safed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vidarikand a perennial herb which is commonly known as Indian Kudzu. The roots of this rejuvenating herb are mostly used as an immunity booster and restorative tonic.
Pueraria tuberosa, Bhumikushumanda, Bhedeleton, Bhuikumra, Vidarikanta, Bhonykoru, Eagio, Bhoikolu, Sakharvel, Vidarikanda, Nelagumbala Gudde, Nelagumbala, Gumadi belli, Nelagumbula, Mudakku, Bhuikohala, Ghodvel, Bhuiankakharu, Nilapoosani, Nelagummuda, Darigummadi, Kudzu, Vidarika.
Yes, Vidarikand is useful in cuts and wounds. Applying Vidarikand root paste might help in managing wounds due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce the pain and inflammation associated with cuts and wounds.
There are studies which show that oral use of Vidarikand may cause stomach upset and dizziness if not taken in proper doses. So it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking Vidarikand orally.
Vidarikand possesses growth hormone inducing and nootropic properties. This growth hormone may help in promoting weight gain and physical strength of the body.
Yes, Vidarikand might be useful in providing relief from swollen joints. It helps reduce pain and inflammation in joints due to its anti-inflammatory property.
According to traditional medicine system, prevention and management of malnutrition can be done by enhancing the immunity in the child through a properly nutritious diet (food management) and the use of herbal medicine.
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