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White phitkari Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Alum is safe to use externally and internally. In Ayurveda, Alum is used in the form of a Bhasma named Sphatika bhasma which can be taken orally to manage various conditions. 
The volume that can be used may vary from 5 mg to 70 mg. It largely depends on the turbidity (cloudiness in the water due to the presence of suspended patches) of the water. Clearwater requires less volume while cloudy water needs further volume of Alum. 
Alum has various operations. Utmost generally it's used in medicinal, ornamentalassiduity and food diligence. 
Alum isn't a spice. It's a mineral that exists in crystalline form. It's used for making some cookeries and pickles as a preservative. Still redundant use of Alum should be avoided in food medications. 

Alum has a tangy property that helps reduce bleeding from minor injuries. It also works in skin compression and helps to close crack openings. 
Alum is acidic in nature. 1 result of Alum has a pH of 3. 

In terms of cuisine, Alum is generally used as an component in bakery as a preservative. It's used in pickles and to maintain the newness of fruits and vegetables. 
According to Ayurveda, Alum (Phitkarii) can be ingested in the form of Bhasma called Sphatika Bhasma. Alum (Sphatika) is hotted in a visage until all the water evaporates. At the end of the process, white greasepaint is collected which is known as Sphatika Bhasma. 

Alum has extremely emotional benefits for teeth. It has antiseptic parcels that help to fight against tooth decay. This further helps depressions and strengthen the epoxies.
Yes, the operation of Alum is good for injuries due to burn. Alum has good antiseptic and tangy conditioning. It helps in crack compression, junking of dead towels and in the conformation of new skin cells. Alum helps in crack mending by inhibiting bacterial growth and reducing the chance of infection.
Yes, Alum, a naturally being component is considered to be good for tensing the skin. It has an tangy property that causes the cells to shrink and removes redundant canvas from the skin.
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