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IndianJadiBooti brings to you the most premium collection of Puja Samagri and  Puja items which are used in various Pujas and Homas.

Puja is sacred ritual performed to invoke blessings of divine Deities in form  of desire fulfilment, protection, progress and success. Puja samagri play  an essential role in making a ritualistic puja complete. Puja samagri is made  of numerous holy or sacred items and accessories. Pure and clean puja items or  ingredients are necessary for success of the puja. Understanding the profound  significance of each of Puja Samagri improves the meditation towards them, making the  religious custom rich in connecting to the God.

We at IndianJadiBooti go to lengths to provide satvic (pure), natural and superior quality puja samagri or items which are  collected from different sources and regions. Each and every item used whether  as the main essential or accessory have been recommended by our team of learned  priests and handpicked by our in-house puja specialist team. We provide Hindu  Puja items, Temple Pooja Items, meditation accessories,  special puja kits and Yajnas Puja items online. 

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