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IndianJadiBooti Kachnar Bark - Kachnaar Chaal - Kanchnar Chhal - Bauhinia variegata

Kachnar tree has long stemmed flowers of white or pale pink color. It is a fruit bearing ornamental plant planted in gardens, parks and roadsides in many warm temperate and subtropical regions. In Hindi, it is called Kanchan or Kachnal.

Kachnar or Kanchan is a medicinal tree found in many warm temperate and subtropical regions. The barks of this ornamental plant can be used to treat wounds, burns and ulcers.

Other Names:

  • Hindi – Kachnar
  • English – Mountain ebony
  • Sanskrit – Gandari
  • Oriya – Boroda), Kanjoni
  • Urdu – Kachnal
  • Kannada – Kempumandara, Devkanyanamu
  • Gujarati – Champakati, Kanchnar
  • Tamil – Segappumundarai
  • Telugu – Devakanchanamu
  • Bengali – Raktakanchan, Kanchan
  • Nepali – Koiralo, Taki
  • Marathi – Rakta-kanchan, Koral, Kanchan
  • Malayalam – Chuvannamandaram

 Kachnaar, or Rakta Kanchan, is an Indian medicinal plant. The barks of this plant are used in several Ayurvedic medicines for treatment of diseases like migraine and insomnia.

 Consuming the bark and leaves of kachnar trees can help cure an infected mouth. Kachnar Bark can be used for curing mouth ulcers. This medicine has been proven to be very effective in curing mouth ulcers.

Other Names: Kanchan, Rakta Kanchana, Orchid Tree, Mountain Ebony, St. Thomas’ Tree, Variegated Orchid Tree, Buntfarbene Bauhinie, Champakati, Kanchnar, Kachnar, Kanchnar, Kachnar, Kachnal, Keyumandar, Kanchavala, Bauhinia variegata Blume, Kanchana, Raktakancana, Koral, Kanchanara, Kovidara, Post Kachnal, Kanchhanar, Ebony

What is kachnar?
A beautiful flower, "kachnar" is scientifically known as Bauhinia variegata. It's also called Mountain Ebony, Butterfly Ash and Camel's Foot in English. In the regional Indian languages of Hindi and Bengali, it is called "Basavanpada," "Koral," "Mantharai," "Devakanchanamu" or "Kovidara."

The Bauhinia variegata is a deciduous tree, native to the Southeast Asian countries of India, Sri Lanka and China among others. It grows up to a height of 10 to 12 meters with thick barks and lengthy stems. These branches hold leaves that stretch up to 10 to 20 centimetres in size, being rather broad with two rounded lobes each at the base and tip.

The flowers start off as packed buds but bloom into striking shades of vivid pink and dazzling white with five petals each.

These flowers, upon developing, bud into fruits that are basically seedpods, housing numerous seeds. All parts of the kachnar tree, namely the roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds are packed with beneficial nutrients and medicinal compounds that confer astounding merits for overall wellbeing.

Uses and benefits:

  1. Kachnar decoctions and powders are perfect for treating hypothyroidism. Since an imbalance in the three doshas of vata, pitta, kapha, overweight, obesity conditions and hampered digestion processes prompt thyroid problems, taking kachnar formulations assists in treating hypothyroidism. Kachnar formulations also ease the assimilation of foodstuffs in the body, as well as regulate the three doshas, improve metabolism and promote weight loss.
  2. Kachnar possesses profuse anti-diabetic and antihyperglycemic plant compounds that control insulin mechanism in the body, as well as bring down rising blood glucose levels. In this manner, kachnar assists in mitigating diabetes symptoms and keeping blood sugar levels in check.
  3.  The cooling properties of kachnar make it effective in treating haemorrhoids, which are caused by inflammation of the veins in the rectum. The compound agni-activating matter in kachnar stimulates digestive juices, helping to relieve indigestion and constipation.
  4. Kachnar is also effective in regulating menstrual cycles, which can be erratic or absent due to an overheated body. Kachnar is imbued with sheeta or cooling traits that help balance pitta dosha, thereby assuring timely, normal menstrual cycles.

Kachnar bark Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Kachnar has been used as an antidote for snakebite within the traditional medicine system. It acts as a venom neutralizer and helps in alleviating the toxic effects of snake poisoning.
Kachnar should be stored at temperature and kept faraway from direct exposure to heat and lightweight .

A single dose of expired Kachnar drug may produce adverse reactions like seizures, heart problems, and skin allergies. So it's generally advisable to avoid taking expired Kachnar.

Kachnar are often used for the manufacture of the wood wool board, production of gum, and fibers.

Yes, Kachnar could be good for weight loss because it helps improve body metabolism. it's anti-obesity property which helps within the release of a hormone referred to as serotonin within the brain. Serotonin works as an suppressant that helps manage appetite and controls excessive weight gain or obesity.
Yes, Kachnar might lower the danger of development of parasitic worms thanks to its anthelmintic properties. It suppresses the activity of the parasite and helps within the expulsion of the parasite from the host body, thereby managing worm infections.
Yes, taking Kachnar in large doses might cause constipation.

No major side effects are related to the utilization of Kachnar when it's taken at the recommended dose and duration. However, remember excessive intake of Kanchnar might cause constipation thanks to its astringent nature.

Take Kachnar Powder ¼-½ teaspoon or as directed by the physician. Swallow it with lukewarm water or honey once or twice each day to urge quick relief from diarrhea.

Enough evidence isn't available to suggest Kachnar’s use in pregnancy. Therefore, it's advisable to consult your doctor before consuming it.

Yes, Kachnar could be helpful within the healing of wounds. A paste of Kachnar bark has good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Various animal studies state that the phytoconstituents present in Kachnar help within the formation of collagen and release inflammatory and growth mediators. These growth mediators help in wound contraction and closure, thereby promoting wound healing.
Yes, Kahchna could be useful in toothache thanks to its analgesic and its anti-inflammatory properties. Ash of Kachnar dried branches is employed to massage teeth to assist reduce pain and inflammation in gums.

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