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IndianJadiBooti Musli Black - Kali Musli - Siyah Musli - Shyam Musli - Curculigo orchioides

Form: Raw Herb

What is Kali Musli roots:

Kali Musli is a tuberous perennial herb with quick or elongated roots bearing severa fleshy lateral roots. The leaves are sessile or petiolate, linear, or lanceolate, suggestions at instances rooting, scape very quick, and clavate. It is a quick plant with leaves similar to that of a palm, 8-18 inches lengthy, with 1-2-inch-extensive ridges. The stalk of floral emerges from the grounds and is yellow in colour. The culmination are 0.five-inch-lengthy acquired from the inferior tricarpellary syncarpous ovary and the seeds in the fruit are black, vibrant approximately 30 mm lengthy, and deeply textured in wavy segments. The flora bloom withinside the month of June-August and shed leaves withinside the winter, leaving at the back of the foundation withinside the ground. It grows extensively as a wooded area herb and due to the fact that instances immemorial it's far used as peoples medicine. However, in numerous areas of India because of its overutilization, Kali Musli is slowly turning into uncommon. Every a part of this medicinal herb has been utilised for numerous purposes.
Kali Musli is a herbaceous tuberous perennial with a quick or elongate root inventory bearing numerous fleshy lateral roots; Leaves sessile or petiolate 15-45x1.3-2.five cm, linear or linear lanceolate, suggestions occasionally rooting, scape very quick, clavate; Flowers in racemes, distichious, yellow, lowest withinside the racemes 2 sexual, perianth segments elliptic, oblong, furry at the back; Fruits capsules, derived from inferior tricarpellary syncarpous ovary, 1-four seeded; Seeds black, oblong, deeply grooved in wavy lines.

Kali Musli rhizome is bestowed with a wealthy array of bioactive compounds which include saponins, sapogenins, phenolic glycosides, tri-terpene alcohol, and a pentacyclic tri terpene, an aliphatic compound, hentriacontanol, sitosterol, stigmasterol, cycloartenol and sucrose. Apart from these, useful compounds remoted from fruit encompass peptides, curculin, and 114 amino acids all of those are credited for its vital healing and medicinal values.
The holistic technological know-how of Ayurveda acknowledges this medicinal herb as a effective Rasayani Dravya and it's far mentioned in ayurvedic scriptures for treating diverse fitness troubles, including:
 Vrushya - aphrodisiac, improves vigour
    Rasayan - anti-getting old, promotes mobileular and tissue regeneration
    Brimhana - will increase weight
    Daha - treats gastritis, neuropathy, burning sensation in eyes
    High Pitta disorders - treatment plans hyperacidity, gastritis
    Balya - improves muscle power

Siyah Musli Benefits:
Promotes Male Reproductive Health

The formula is indicated for optimising men’s reproductive fitness. It is bequeathed with a mighty spermatogenic movement this is useful for treating asthenozoospermia (sperm motility), oligospermia (low sperm count), hypospermia (low quantity of semen), teratospermia (bizarre sperm shape) and complements spermatogenesis (sperm production). Aside from these, taking this complement on a ordinary foundation allows to accurate untimely ejaculation and improves power attributable to its Vrishya (aphrodisiac) and Balya (power provider) characteristics.

Remedies Urinary Tract Infection

Kali Musli roots is an powerful natural formula for treating urinary tract infections. According to Ayurveda UTI is called Mutrakcchra, in which Mutra denotes ooze, and krichra denotes pain. An imbalance of the 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) frequently reasons painful micturition. Taking Kali Musli roots gives alleviation from the burning sensation and will increase urine output because of its diuretic belongings and diminishes the signs and symptoms of UTI.

Augments Liver Health

Jaundice or another situations affecting the liver arise because of an imbalance of Pitta dosha, Kali Musli roots is a capability medicinal complement for regulating liver troubles like swelling withinside the liver, jaundice, and terrible liver function. Rasayana(rejuvenating) movement helps liver cleansing and sustenance of liver fitness.

Women's Health

Kali Musli roots is an terrific natural remedy advised for ladies who're going via menopause. The goodness of bioactive compounds allows to forestall osteoporosis and strengthens the muscle mass. Further, it additionally allows ladies to conquer leucorrhoea and menorrhagia.

Boosts Skin Complexion

The rhizome of Kali Musli roots is grounded right into a high-quality paste and carried out externally to the pores and skin, which matches extraordinarily properly in curing eczema and different pores and skin diseases. It uplifts the pores and skin's glow and complexion. Additionally, antibacterial developments boost up wound recovery and accelerate the recovery system.

Strengthens Immunity

Kali Musli roots is exceedingly powerful in enhancing wellknown debility. The Rasayana nature of this herb helps constructing a sturdy immune device and strengthens the body. Moreover, the sturdy antioxidant belongings of this natural remedy slows down the system of getting old and helps the regeneration of latest pores and skin cells. It is likewise used as a key factor in lots of immune-boosting ayurvedic formulations.


Safed Musli Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Safed Musli is taken into account as a crucial medicinal herb. it's referred to as a rejuvenator, a vitalizer and a health tonic. It are often used for the development of health because it restores immunity, reduces symptoms of arthritis and diabetes.
A combination of Safed musli and Kaunch beej are often used as an oral dietary supplement by exercise-trained men. It helps to extend the circulation of somatotropin within the blood. this might further help to extend muscle mass or muscular strength.

Safed Musli extract should be stored during a sealed container during a cool and dry place. prevent from direct light and moisture. The sealed container should be used within 6 months of its opening.

Yes, Safed Musli are often taken along side milk.
Studies state that Safed Musli might lower total blood cholesterol, bad cholesterol (LDL) due to its strong antioxidant property. It also improves the steroid secretion and removes cholesterol from the body through feces. Another study states that Safed Musli might increase the extent of HDL (HDL) or good cholesterol.
Oligo and polysaccharides in Safed Musli have antioxidant property which fights against the free radicals and prevents cell damage. This reduces the looks of fine lines and wrinkles. Safed Musli may additionally improve brain activities and boost strength thanks to its rejuvenating property.
As such, Safed Musli doesn't have any adverse effect if taken during a proper dose. In higher doses, it's going to cause gastrointestinal disorders.
Enough scientific evidence isn't available for the role of Safed musli in respiratory problems. Safed musli does help regulate the system and might help generally wellness and cure allergies.
As such Safed Musli has no adverse effects when taken in proper amounts. But it's advisable to avoid its excessive consumption because it might cause gastrointestinal disorders.

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