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IndianJadiBooti Anantmool Madrasi (Root) - Sarsaparilla - Nannari - Anantamula -DumBel - Hemidesmus Indicus

Anantamul (Hemidesmus indicus) means "everlasting root." Anantamul is a traditional herb in the Apocynaceae family. Because of the biological activities attributed to its various parts, it is used throughout the Indian subcontinent. 

It is known as Indian sarsaparilla in English. It is known in Hindi as Anantamul, Urdu as Ushba Hindi, Persian as Ushbahindi, and Sanskrit as Sariva. It's a traditional folk medicine that's used in Ayurvedic and Unani preparations. Anantamul roots and rhizomes have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. All parts of Anantamul have been used as crude drugs, but the root is the most commonly used due to its diverse biological, medicinal, and phytopharmaceutical properties. 

Benefits of Anantamul as an antibacterial agent :

  • Anantamul root has antibacterial activity against the bacteria Escherichia coli.
  • The has the potential to be used to treat infections in clinics. 

Advantages of Anantamul as a Cardioprotective Agent :

  • Anantamul root may have cardioprotective (anti-arrhythmic) activity.
  • Flavonoids, tannins, and saponins found in the root are thought to be responsible for this cardioprotective activity.
  • Anantamul root may also help to lower serum cholesterol levels. 

Anantamul has hepatoprotective properties. :

  • Anantamul root may have hepatoprotective properties.
  • Anantamul's free radical scavenging ability protects the liver from free radical-mediated oxidative stress.
  • Anantamul may also show promising results as a hepatoprotective in alcoholics. 


Other Names: Indian Sarsaparilla, Anantmool, Kapuri, Sariva, Ananta, Asfota, Utpal Sariva, Shyama, Canadana, Gopi, Gopavalli, Upalsari, Uparsal, Kapuri, Upalasari, Nannari, Sogade beru, Anantamul, Kapuri, Indian Sarsaparilla, Sungandhipala, Muttavapylagamu , Nannari, Upalsari, Uparsal, Kapuri, Madhuri, Upalasri, Nannari, Sogade Beru, Naruninti, Hemidesmus indicus, Periploca indica, Shveta Sarivaa, Anantmula, Gopi, Gopaa, Gopakanyaa, Gopavalli, Indian Sarsaparilla, Sariva, Sugandhi-pala, Gopasutaa, Krishodari, Sphotaa, Utpalsaarivaa, Kapuuri, Nannaari, Dugdhgarbhaa, Ushbaa Hindi, Suganthipala, Nanaari, Sugandi, Sugandha Roots, Sogade, Anantabel, Indian Ipecac, Tylophora Indica, Dambel, Dam Bel, Dum Bel, Sariba, Nanari, Vomiting Swallow Wort

Anantamul's Advantages in Blood Glucose Management :

Oral administration of Anantamul root helps control blood sugar levels and restore the glucose metabolising enzyme. 

Benefits of Anantamul in skin diseases :

  • Anantamul may have wound healing and anti-leprotic properties.
  • Anantamul's affinity for blood (raktdhatu) may help to clear acne and inflammation on the skin.
  • Skin diseases have been treated with a polyherbal ayurvedic formulation containing Anantamul as its main ingredient. 

Recipes: A Delicious super cooling drink Recipe

1. Take 1 litre of water, and mix about 100 grams of Anantmool (Sarasparilla) powder into it. Mix Well. and keep it aside for 2 to 3 hours.

2. Now Add 5 cups of Jaggery (or as per Taste) into it, and bring the whole mixture to a boil.

3. Let it boil for half an hour, and keep stirring in between. It should have syrup consistency. Cool the Syrup. and store it in a container. it can be used for about 1 week.

4. Take this 3-4 tablespoon of syrup in a glass. Add chilled water, lemon juice, and few ice cubes. Mix well and Enjoy a cool, refreshing drink. 

Anantmool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most people believe that Nannari (Anantamul) is sweet for weight and hence, make it a neighborhood of their daily diet. However, there's no scientific evidence for an equivalent . So better consult your doctor to understand if works. Also, follow diet control along side exercise to shed pounds.

Anantamul is preferably safe for many people when taken as a drugs , advised by your doctor. However, in some cases, it'd cause irritation of the stomach, especially when taken in large doses.

Anantamul has various impressive health benefits. The antioxidants present within the Anantamul helps fight against free radicals and helps in managing blood glucose levels. It helps to enhance immunity thanks to its immunomodulatory property. aside from this, it also can be utilized in managing piles thanks to its antiinflammatory properties.


Enough scientific evidence isn't available to support the role of Anantamul just in case of indigestion.

Although enough scientific evidence isn't available to support the role of Anantamul in headaches. However, it'd help to manage headaches.

Yes, Indian Sarsaparilla does accelerate the method of wound healing when used externally. It improves the cellular growth and promotes the formation of tissues. The antioxidants and anti inflammatory effects of Anantamul eliminate free radicals and lower the inflammation rate at the location of injury.

Yes, Anantamul is employed as a standard medicine to treat various skin conditions. it's commonly wont to treat ringworm, oral thrush (yeast infections within the mouth) and bacterial infections of the skin. it's thanks to antioxidants, that clear toxins from the body and antimicrobial activity, which kills the microbes.

There is no research that states that Anantamul powder shouldn't be used for cuts and burns. However, it's knowing consult your doctor about use of Anantamul for burns to get on a safer side.

Although enough scientific evidence isn't available to support the role of Anantmul in eye problems, However, it'd help in eye inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory property.

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