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Ashoka chhal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ashoka bark features a time period of just about 3 years.


Ashoka has an astringent property and works as an antihemorrhagic agent (substance that stops bleeding). However, there's no sufficient evidence stating the role of Ashoka in premature menopause.

Yes, Ashoka has potent anti-diarrhoeal activity. it's thanks to the presence of tannins, alkaloids and flavonoids. They work by inhibiting intestinal movements and maintains the water content within the body. Flavonoids present in Ashoka also works by reducing chemicals that cause pain and irritation related to diarrhea.

There is no scientific evidence supporting the utilization of Ashoka tree leaves within the treatment of swine influenza . However herbal remedies including burn plant , Giloy, Ginger, Garlic, Ashwagandha etc. could be beneficial within the management of swine influenza symptoms.

Ashoka powder has many health benefits. It helps in managing problems related to menstruation (periods) like irregular periods, stomach pain, cramps etc. It acts as a uterine tonic and helps to manage menstrual flow and hormones. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic property due to which it helps in the management of infections, swelling and pain. Ashoka powder helps in managing skin related problems and maintain clearer skin by removing toxins from the body due to its antioxidant property. It also helps in managing cancer, diabetes, piles, ulcers, worm infestation, fever, etc. due to the presence of certain chemical compounds.

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