Aal Phool plant's various components have unique therapeutic qualities in Ayurveda. Both purgation and vomiting can be induced with the plant's latex. The herb's astringent properties make it useful for treating a variety of skin conditions.

  • It relieves bloating, gas, and stomach distension brought on by incorrect food digestion thanks to its vata-pacifying effects. In cases of ascites, when fluid builds up in the abdominal area and causes significant abdominal distension, it is also beneficial.
  • The body is impacted by Arka's anti-inflammatory properties. Its organic cleaning and astringent properties aid with spleen and skin problems, early wound healing, and itching.
  • White Aak Phool (Dried)- Madar Flower - Aakda Phool - Aankde Ka Phool - Calotropis Gigantea
  • Arka aids in ridding the intestines of any worm infestations in the body because of its potent purgative activity.
  • Aak is a digestive stimulant that makes every organ function properly by easing the digestion process.
  • It aids in the healthy functioning of the respiratory system and treats conditions like the common cold, cough, asthma, and other similar respiratory issues because it is a kapha pacifying herb.