Neem is a very big medicine in the country of India, which is being used for many thousands of years. In today's time, many English medicines are made from neem leaf and its tree. Everything of the neem tree is beneficial, many major diseases are treated with it. In India, it is considered auspicious to have a neem tree in the house, people plant it in their house so that they can take its benefits.

Hardly anyone is unfamiliar with the Neem tree. Neem is known for its bitterness. Everyone will know that even after being bitter, neem is very beneficial for health, but you will not have complete information about what are the benefits of neem or in which diseases you can use neem. Due to the properties of neem, it is also called the Kalpa tree of the earth. Usually, people use neem to take advantage of wounds, skin diseases, but the truth is, the benefits of neem are also found in many other diseases.

1. Helps in Strengthening Hair

People whose hair is very weak and breaks easily, they can strengthen their hair with the help of a neem. To strengthen the hair, you have to prepare a paste by grinding neem leaves and applying that paste to your hair. If you want, you can also add coconut oil to make this paste. At the same time, after applying this paste to the hair, wash the hair with clean water after ten minutes. 

3. Get rid of Acne

If neem leaves are crushed and applied. Relief from Headache

Make a fine powder by mixing an equal quantity of dried neem leaves, black pepper and rice. Before sunrise, put a pinch of this powder in the nose on the side of the head where there is pain. It provides quick relief in the pain of Migraine. 

4. Benefits in Stomach Problem

Neem leaves also have an effective effect on many stomach problems and by eating its leaves, the problem of acidity, constipation, stomach pain can be relieved. Therefore, if you go to exercise in a park, then break two or three leaves from the neem tree and eat them while doing the workout. However, before eating the leaves, make sure to clean them.d on the skin, then acne can be got rid of and acne on the skin stops. Apart from this, acne can also be eliminated by consuming the leaves of this tree.

5. Used in place of Toothpaste

Neem wood is still used by people for cleaning teeth in many villages. Because by rubbing its wood on the teeth, the problem of gum pain, bad mouth, yellow teeth can be got rid of and this is the reason that neem woods and leaves are used by toothpaste makers in their toothpaste.