This herbal remedy known as Aaloo Baloo Vaalo is used by Unani doctors to treat excessive urination. The stone is broken and then passed via the urinary tract. An Ayurvedic remedy called Aaloo Baloo Vaalo aids in breaking renal stones into smaller pieces, effectively lessening the pain associated with kidney stones. The kidneys are cleansed by sour cherries, which promotes regular urine flow. Moreover, it helps to cure gall bladder stones.

Prunus cerasus Linn is one of the constituents in this Aaloo Baloo Vaalo herb. The medicinal herb rosaceous has been used extensively in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine (USM). The fruits of the Aaloo Baloo Vaalo plant, in particular, are used to treat a variety of disorders of the urinary system. such as dysuria, nephrolithiasis, urinary tract infection, and cystolithiasis in the USM.

Since this herb has long been used as a medicine, experts were interested in demonstrating its pharmacological effects. As a result, numerous scientific studies have been conducted to verify and understand the pharmacological effects and components of phytochemicals.

Other Names: - Aaloo Baloo Vaalo - Prunus cerasus - Arka, Alarka, Mandara, Ravi, Bhanu, Tapana, Surya Patra, Milkweed, Mudar, Madar Tree, Swallow-wort, Calotropis gigantea, Akand, Akone, Aakado, Retoakah,Akado, Akda, Myhara, Ekk, Ekkdagid, Ekkegid, Arkagid, Ashur, Ushae, Zahar Nak, Kharaq, Zahook