Ayurvedic medicine called Akik Bhasma (Pishti), which is based on minerals, is used to treat conditions like excessive uterine bleeding in women, mental illness, eye problems, and heart weakness.

The treatment and management of cardiac anomalies, hypertension, general sluggishness, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, digestive problems, menstruation problems, liver disorders, excessive uterine bleeding, eye diseases, etc. are among its preliminary uses.

Red, blue, white, and yellow are the four various natural colors of the mineral stone, however it is the white variation that is primarily employed for medical purposes.

Akik is frequently utilised to regenerate the various cells and tissues within the body for better functioning because of its broad mending and rejuvenative properties.

Akik, also known as silicon dioxide chemically, is a substance that permeates the whole surface of the planet. Anywhere cavities emerge, silica is deposited there and over time transforms the substance into akika. It is a widely used semi-precious decorative stone that is also used to make jewellery.

By blending agate gemstone powder with herbal liquids and then heating the mixture to create bhasma, akik main is created. It is advantageous in disorders of various body organs because it primarily affects the heart, brain, liver, and spleen.