Baheda is also known as "Bibhitaki" in Sanskrit, which means "the one who keeps diseases at bay. "It is one of the main ingredients in "Triphala," which is used to treat common colds, pharyngitis, and constipation. 

Because of its antimicrobial and anti-allergic properties, baheda can help relieve cough and cold symptoms. Taking Baheda powder with honey relieves cough while improving immune health. Baheda churna is a powerful home remedy for improving digestion. It can be made by combining Baheda churna with a glass of warm water and consumed on a regular basis. Because of its laxative properties, it also aids in the prevention of constipation by loosening stool and promoting bowel movements. 

According to Ayurveda, Baheda powder aids in weight loss by increasing the digestive fire and improving metabolism. Because of its antibacterial properties, baheda fruit is beneficial for skin problems such as acne and acne scars. Bacterial growth is inhibited by applying Baheda fruit powder to the face with rose water. Because of its astringent and Ruksha (dry) properties, massaging Baheda powder with rose water and Baheda oil (mixed with coconut oil) on the hair and scalp promotes hair growth and controls dandruff. 


An important precaution with Baheda is to avoid it if you have hyperacidity or gastritis. This is due to its high potency, which may aggravate these conditions. 

Cough and Cold: 

Baheda is an effective cough and cold remedy. Baheda suppresses coughing, releases mucus, and clears airways, allowing the patient to breathe freely. This is because it has a Kapha balancing effect. 


Baheda is one of the most important herbs for relieving constipation. This is due to its laxative (Rechana) properties. It has a soothing and lubricating effect on the gastroenteric tract and aids in stool expulsion. 

Weight Loss:

Weight gain is caused by poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which results in a weak digestive fire. This increases Ama accumulation, causing an imbalance in the Meda dhatu and, as a result, excess weight or obesity.

Baheda can help control obesity by improving metabolism and decreasing Ama by increasing digestive fire. This is due to the Ushna (hot) potency of the herb. Because of its Rechana (laxative) properties, it also removes accumulated waste products in the intestine. 

Loss of appetite and bloating:

Baheda aids in the management of appetite loss, thirst, bloating, and flatulence. This is due to the Ushna (hot) potency of the herb. Baheda stimulates the Pachak Agni (digestive fire), making it easier to digest food. Because of its Rechana (laxative) properties, it also aids in the management of constipation. 


Weak Immunity:

Because of its Rasayana (rejuvenating) properties, Baheda helps to boost immunity and promote longevity. It aids in the fight against infections in the body and the prevention of recurring seasonal infections.