Abhrak Bhasm is a purified Abrak , also known as Mica. It is used in lots of Ayurvedic , Herbal and Unani Medicines. It is used in the treatment of Indigestion, Cough and Cold, and Diabetes.

Abhrak (Black Mica) is essentially made up of a variety of different minerals, nutrients, and elements. Magnesium, aluminium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen are a few of them. A mineral known as abhrak (Black Mica) has a glossy, dark look. Granite and other metamorphic rocks are where it is mostly found.

Benefits of Abhrak

In Ayurveda, abhrak is used to treat mental and psychomotor abnormalities, as well as respiratory, liver, and stomach illnesses. It has the power to calm down the three doshas in the body. Mica Herbs give the body enough energy while also having a relaxing effect. Through the process of calcination, this is made.

It has a variety of chemical components, including calcium, aluminium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

The purifying and processing of mica is part of the ancient Hindu medical practise known as Ayurveda, which is being practised today in India. Abhrak is used to cure disorders of the respiratory and digestive tracts.