So here are the summers, and with it comes the issues like heat strokes , burning sensations, dehydration. But hey wait, this summer we at would give you the cooling and delicious recipes that would not leave this heat issues disappear like a smoke, but it will make your summers so much interesting that you would wish that the summers never go. The recipes that will leave you keep craving for more and more.

Make it as a daily drink at home, or prepare it at house parties and be the cooking queen in the eyes of the guests. This recipe would never let you fail. So using no more words, let’s come in action and enjoy our Gond Katira Sharbat. It is also known as Tragacanth Gum in English and Badam pisin in South India. This gond is different from what is used in making Laddus. It can be bought from nearby stores, or online from


1.   Gond Katira – 2 Tablespoon

2.   Chilled Water – 3 Cups

3.   Chilled Milk – 5 Cups

4.   Rose Syrup or Rooh Afzah – 10 Tablespoon

5.   Ice Cubes

6.   Sugar as per the taste


1.   Wash 2 tablespoon of Gond Katira, and soak it in a bowl of water at night for at least 8 to 9 hours.  Remember Small is big for Gond katira. Just 2 tablespoon of Gond katira would give you a bowl full of jelly after being soaked overnight.

2.   Remove extra water from the bowl in morning, and Rinse the jelly thoroughly in water to remove the dirt and impurities, if any.

3.   In a Serving glass, add 3-4 tablespoon of jelly made from Katira. Add the rose syrup over it. Add chilled milk, and mix it thoroughly. You may add water if needed.

4.   Add sugar as per taste.

5.   Add few Ice Cubes

6.   Decorate it with chopped Almonds and Dry fruits on it.

7. A delicious, and never ending love with Gond katira Sharbat is on the way. Enjoy it, and beat the summer Heat.

8.   It is good for your stomach, and full of proteins and other nutrition.

9.   You can keep the left- over Katira Jelly in fridge for future use.