Agar Wood Black (Without Fragrance) - Agar Lakdi - Oud Wood - Agarwood - Aquilaria agallocha

Agarwood serves to expands craving by following up on gastric juices and liver capacities. It helps in stomach distension and helps discharging wind from the digestive organs. Along these lines, it additionally diminishes stomach agony and issues that happen because of abundance gas in the nutritious waterway. Conventional Hindu Families likewise use it for expanding learning capacities and improving memory. 

Agarwood is utilized for decreasing terrible breath and mouth smell. Awful breath results from oral maladies and gum ailments in about 80% cases. In every one of these cases, agar pitch works incredibly. 

Agarwood oil has been utilized for a long time is as yet utilized today to lighten numerous agonizing conditions including ailment and different types of joint inflammation.

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