We at https://IndianJadiBooti.com are here once again to give a new makeover to your simple and boring Nimbu Pani. Beat the heat with this amazing, Gond Katira Lemon Shake. Not only will it keep your taste buds ringing for long, but additionally, it would server innumerous health benefits.  This drink will make your skin look younger, and would help in removing the toxins from the blood. It is an excellent source of Potassium and magnesium, and is great for brain and overall health.

This drink helps in improving digestion, and has cooling properties. It will help you avoid the summer heatstroke and burning sensations.

Get chilled, and enjoy this summer like a never ending festive Ceremony. So now when we have told you a number of benefits already, with all our magic put into it, here comes the Recipe:

Gond Katira - 2 Tablespoon

Chilled Water – 4 Glass

Sugar - 4 Tablespoon

Black Salt – A pinch

Black Pepper – A Pinch

Cumin Seeds – ¼ Tablespoon

Lemon Juice – 4 -5 Tablespoon

1.   Soak 2 tablespoon of Gond Katira in a bowl full of water overnight. 

2.   By the morning, Gond Katira will become fluffy, and You will get a jelly like substance.

3.   Strain the extra water, and rinse the jelly thoroughly to remove the dirt and impurities.

4.   Add 3-4 tablespoon of this Gond katira jelly in a glass, and add chilled Water in it. Ass Sugar Syrup, or Sugar as per the taste.

5.   Mix it thoroughly.

6.   Add Black pepper, Black Salt and Cumin Seeds powder as per taste.

7.   Blend it a little in a Mixer.

8.   Add Sugar Cubes.

9.   A mouth watering, Refreshing and delicious Drink is ready to do the romance with you this summer.

Enjoy and Chill!!!

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