Harsingar is also called called Night Jasmine.

The leaves of Harsingar is utilized to treat the fever which happens during constant intestinal sickness. It can likewise be utilized as a solution for high body temperature, loose bowels and queasiness caused because of mosquito nibbles. The leaves contain helpful mitigating and mending properties which make it perfect to dispose of intestinal sickness parasites.


Normal utilization of Harsingar can soothe asthma side effects. Despite the fact that it doesn't fix asthma, however it reduces the side effects and makes it simpler for an individual to inhale with no obstacle.Harsingar contains valuable and restorative properties to give help from asthma manifestations.


Gas can be very disturbing and can cause shortcoming, stomach throb and even unsteadiness. Standard utilization of Harsingar treats gas related issues effectively.

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