Daru haldi is used for wounds and paste of this herb is likewise helpful in syphilis, ulcers.

It is additionally hostile to diabetic in nature. Root powder of this herb triggers the additional development of insulin and shield body from hurtful impacts of diabetes. 


This herb battles against the different contamination brought about by organisms in the two guys and females. In females it is utilized to fix uterine diseases. 


This herb invigorates perspiring and is utilized in discontinuous fever. It is a lot of successful herb in intestinal sickness than some other herbs. Daruharidra is compelling herb with anticancer properties which battles against human colon malignancy. 


Daruharidra is utilized as rinses in throat contaminations and to improve voice. 


 Daru haldi is utilized remotely to diminish agony and irritation. Best utilization of this herb is in eye related issue.





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