Benefits Of Kali Musli

Kali Musli known as Black Musli in English, is a tuberous, and wrinkled base of the plant named Curculigo orchioides. This plant is little herb up to 30 cm high. Underlying foundations of the plant are tuberous around 4 inches in length with severe, and adhesive taste. 

Kali musli is warming, love potion, starter, helpful in the treatment of heaps, exhaustion, blood related issue. It fortifies semen, muscles, and bones. It fixes vitiation of Vata, and Pitta Dosha. 

It improves composition, and treats skin ailments. Kali musli (Black Musli) is endorsed in ineptitude, original shortcoming, and loss of drive. It is utilized in Ayurvedic plan which improves ripeness of guys. 

It is Madhur or Sweet Vipak which means it digests into sweet. Sweet is substantial, a supporting, and saturating to the tissues.