Jamalghota (Croton tiglium)  is the native plant to India, Pakistan, New Guinea, Indonesia, China and grow wild all over Philippines. This plant is also known as Danti beej, Dravanti, jayaphala. Traditional Healers use this plant for treating throat problem, constipation, abdominal diseases, weak digestion, fever mania etc. seeds of jamalghota contain croton oil which has strong purgative action on oral intake. Jamalghota also used in panchakarma purgation therapy for purpose of reducing toxins in the body and aiding better absorption of Ayurvedic Medicines thereafter.

Benefits and medicinal Uses

  • Constipation : All part of Jamalghota have strong purgative action. therefore in Ayurveda Jamalghota is used to eliminate constipation.
  • Hemorrhoids: Jamalghota roots are used on external hemorrhoids in the form of paste . It reduces the swelling and patient feel relief from all symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  • Skin diseases : Paste of jamalghota roots is used in removing skin tags. after applying paste several times skin tags falls out naturally.