Ratanjot (Alkanet root) has been used since ancient times in various cultures across the world owing to its medicinal properties. It has been used by many civilizations such as Greeks and Romans who used it extensively for dyeing purposes as well as for treating minor wounds and infections caused by bacteria.

Ratanjot prominently called Alkanet has magnificent skin and hair benefits. Here in India, we use it both as a characteristic color and furthermore in home cures. The base of the plant is generally utilized as a characteristic colorant for dishes like "Rogan Josh".

At home, we use ratanjot powder broadly in healthy skin and hair care for advancing hair development, lessening copy scars, for treating silver hair and for skin helping. Ratanjot oil made with coconut oil and ratanjot powder is utilized for treating all scalp issues. 

Alkanet root is one of the most powerful herbs used in Ayurveda. The medicinal value of alkanet root has been known since ancient times, and there are many benefits of using this herb.

  1. Cures headache: Ratan Jot possesses anti-inflammatory effect. This helps in proper blood circulation and reduces the feeling of headache. Alkanet root is also widely used to treat migraine.
  2. Cures fever: Alkanet possesses tremendous cooling effect, thus making it one of the best herbs that can be used to treat fever. It can induce sweating and hence has the ability to bring down the body's temperature
  3. Recovery from scars
  4. Ratan Jot is famous for its skin clearing abilities and hence it is also used in several face masks, facial cleansing products, etc. Alkanet root can protect the skin from various sorts of infections. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, alkanet is widely used to treat and heal burn scars. This feature makes alkanet a powerful sun-blocking and sunburn removing herb.

Since ratanjot is wealthy in cancer prevention agents, it has against maturing properties. 

Ratanjot is a stunning injury healer, it has been utilized for treating wounds from old occasions.

Ratanjot has been customarily used to treat all skin and scalp diseases in all respects viably including skin inflammation, dandruff and all skin contaminations.

Other Names: Shanjar, Khas al-himaar, Ratanjot, Alkanet, Dyer’s Bugloss, Spanish Bugloss, Buglosse azure, Natternkopf-Lotwurz, Ratanjot, Laljari, Yatilung, Yarilung, Onosma echioides Linn, Shankaru, Laljari, Koame, Maharanga, Ratanjot , Maharanga, Dhamani, Ratanjot, Jetropha