Liver is a very important part of the body. Many types of works. In a healthy stay, the liver is required to work properly without stopping. Curry leaf empowers the lever. It protects the liver from bacteria and viral infections. In addition, it protects the liver from a variety of diseases like free radicals, hepatitis, cirrhosis etc.

Kadi Patta (Curry leaf) strengthens the root of the hair. Add the dry leaves of the curry leaf powder to sesame oil or coconut oil and boil. Filter when cooled. Massage the head at night. Massaging in the roots of regular hair thus stops hair falling. This makes the hair stronger, longer and brighter.

Curry leaf contains a variety of antioxidants and phenols that protect against serious diseases like cancer. Special elements of curry leaf have been found to be able to prevent leukemia, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, etc. The presence of a variety of vitamins also protects against oxidative stress and loss of free radicals.

Iron and folic acid both are found in Curry leaves. Folic acid helps in absorption of iron. Thus, the curry leaf gets double the benefit. So it relieves blood loss.