Gudhal Phool or Zawakusum is a flowering plant belonging to the Malvesi family of trees. Its botanical name is hebeboscusrosa sinensis. Hibiscus plant is a common plant. But if its qualities are seen, they are very special and are full of health treasures.

The flower on the hibiscus tree is very virtuous and beneficial. These flowers can be seen everywhere on amtor, Gudhal Phool  is very beautiful that people use these flowers only in the use of puja, but they do not know that this flower is not only used in worship but also their are many benefits of  hibiscus (Gudhal ke fayde). 

If you have kidney problems, you can use the tea made from the Gudhal Phool leaf to benefit from the kidney stone problem. The benefit of this tea is also for the depository.

There is a large amount of vitamin C in the Gudhal Phool when consumed in tea or other forms, it is very beneficial for colds and coughs, which will give you relief from cold at the earliest.

The flower of the hibiscus also relieves you of swelling as well as problems like itching and irritation. Grind the leaves of the hibiscus flower thoroughly in the mixer and apply it to the swollen and burning part in a few minutes the problem will be removed.


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