You have probably come across the hibiscus flower, which is also known as the Adhul flower. Typically, hibiscus flowers are used for worship, but did you know they can also be consumed and have medicinal benefits?

In Ayurveda, the hibiscus flower is noted for its medicinal properties. According to Patanjali, Adhul can help reduce baldness and promote hair growth. Additionally, it is used to treat various serious health conditions. Let's delve deeper.

What is Hibiscus?

Hibiscus flowers have a bell shape and are commonly planted in gardens, homes, and temples. They are available in various colors such as single, double, triple, red, white, white-red, purple, yellow, and orange. The petals of the flower protrude, and the white and red hibiscus flowers are particularly beneficial.

Hibiscus Names in Other Languages

The hibiscus flower is known by many names across different languages: Jawa, Odrahul, Adhaul, Gudhal, Javakusum, Adhaul, Audraphool, Japa, Arun, Pratika, Arkapriya, Harivallabh, Trisandhya, Jasud, Dasanige, Japa Kusum, Jasvand, Chemparatti, Anghare Hindi, Angarehindi, Sevaratti, Dasvala, Odophulo.

Benefits of Hibiscus

Hair Growth

  • Grind hibiscus leaves into a pulp and apply it to your hair. Rinse after two hours. Regular application nourishes the hair and keeps the scalp cool.

  • Combine fresh hibiscus flower juice with an equal amount of olive oil and cook it until only the oil remains. Store this in a bottle. Daily application on the scalp makes hair shiny and long.

  • Grind Adhul and Bhringraj flowers in sheep's milk, place them in an iron vessel, and let them sit for seven days. Mix the resultant paste with Bhringraj Panchang juice. Washing hair with this mixture turns hair black.

  • Applying a paste of iron ash, amla powder, and Japa flower keeps hair black for an extended period.


  • To combat dandruff, mix hibiscus flower juice with sesame oil. Boil the mixture, strain it, and store it in a bottle. Applying this oil eliminates dandruff.


  • Grinding hibiscus flowers in cow's urine and applying the paste to the scalp promotes hair growth and helps eliminate baldness.


  • Take 100 hibiscus flowers, remove the green stalks, and soak the petals in lemon juice overnight in a glass vessel. Crush and strain the mixture the next morning. Add 650 grams of sugar candy or sugar and a bottle of rose water to it. Seal it in two bottles and leave them in the sun for two days, shaking them occasionally. Once the sugar candy dissolves, the mixture becomes a sherbet. Consuming 15 to 40 ml relieves insomnia.


  • Consuming one spoon of hibiscus flower powder with a cup of milk twice a day helps remedy anemia within a few months and strengthens the body.

  • Drinking a decoction made from hibiscus roots and flowers (20-40 ml) each morning supports the health of the baby during pregnancy.

Increasing Sexual Stamina

  • Shade-dry hibiscus flowers and mix their powder with an equal quantity of sugar. Consume 6 grams of this mixture daily for 40 days to boost sexual stamina.