The benefits of rose flowers and rose petals are almost equal to the benefits of rose water. Rose flower is famous all over the world. Rose flowers are considered to be symbols of love. However, most people do not know that roses are also beneficial for health besides home decor. There are hundreds of species of roses that can be used in different kinds. Rose swells are obtained from beneficial rose water and rose tea is also very beneficial. 

Rose flower is very beneficial for those who have a problem of constipation. If you are occupied, you can use roses, rose leaves, rose petals and its fruits. You can also use tea made from all these products. This tea can help to strengthen your immune system. The use of this tea strengthens the digestive system and can also remove other problems related to possession and stomach.

You can also use rose water as well as gulab patti to make your skin healthy and beautiful. You soak the rose patti in water at night. If you want, you can also put it in a bottle. Those who do not have time or have more busy can also use a good quality rose water. Now you wet the cotton cloth in this rose water and apply it to your face. This will make your skin clean, bright and shiny.