Figs are a very tasty and salubrious fruit that is used in many problems and problems. The ripe form of this fruit is liked by people, while the dried fruit is found in the form of nuts. Dried fruit is eaten with sugar by laminating or grinding it in milk. The fruit is very tasty so that jam is also made.

Figs contain plenty of iron and calcium which is very beneficial in the problem of anemia. For this, boil 10 munkkas and 8 figs in 200 ml of milk. Now use this milk. It increases blood and relieve blood diseases.

The use of Anjeer leads to the removal of the problem of constipation and the digestive system works well. To improve the digestive system, soak two or three figs in water for overnight and eat the next morning with honey.

Fiber is needed to improve the digestive system and root out constipation. Figs are found to have adequate dietary fibre. Therefore, when figs are consumed, its fiber properties help to cleanthe stomach. The feces are easily removed from the body. 

If you are thinking of losing weight, you can take the help of figs. Figs have a high fibre content and low calories. Consuming figs reduces appetite, avoiding eating more. Fig use improves the level of metabolism in the body and also reduces excess fat deposited in the body.

Figs also contain an enzyme called ficin, which helps to digest food properly. When the food is digested properly and on time, excess fat is not stored in the body and there is no worry about gaining weight.