Jatamansi, also known as Nardostus Jatamansi, is a herb found in the Himalayan region known for its ability to reduce stress, cognitive function and improve sleep in the market, it is available in the form of root, oil and powder. Research carried out on this shows that Jatamansi can be used to improve memory, treat inflammation and insomnia. The benefits of Jatamansi are very high. Jatamansi is a lutapno Ayurvedic medicine herb which has been used since ancient times for many medicinal purposes. In Ayurveda, it is used for epilepsy, impulse and hysteria.

The natural way to treat high BP is the use of Jatamansi. You can use jatamansi to control your blood pressure and keep your body healthy. The higher your blood pressure, the higher the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure. The work of spreading the jatamansi arteries naturally reduces high blood pressure. There is a good amount of antioxidants in the jatamansi, which reduces oxidative stress and brings down your overall stress level. 

It is very beneficial for your intestinal health. Being laxative, Jatamansi supports the entire digestive system. If you have gas or bloating, it can also help you in its treatment. 

This plant has the power to reduce anxiety and stress by balancing the biochemical reactions of the body. The brain is considered good to be calm and healthy and it acts as one of the finest brain tonics. It assists in good sleep lanes for those who have a stressful life. 

Nordostacchis Jatamansi was traditionally included in a mixture of herbs called mermaid quatha (Mamsyadi Kwatha) (80% jatamansi) which was used to treat depression and anxiety.