There are many trees planted around our house that do not take care of us because of their medicinal properties. These vegetation also have a Gular which is a mine of medicinal properties and is easily found in rural areas. Gular is called udumbar and animal fruit in Sanskrit. In Ayurveda, the root of gular, gular flowers and gular fruits are used to treat many diseases.

The raw fruit of gular is astringent and acather. While the ripe gular phal is interesting, sweet, soft and constipated. Its root has the quality of preventing bleeding and sootheof irritation. Gular raw fruits are made vegetables and cooked fruits are eaten.

The juice of the ripe fruit of gular stops bleeding by consuming jaggery or honey in a quantity of 20 grams.

Grinding the fruit of gular and consuming it with water benefits diabetes. In addition, the use of gular fruits by making vegetables also gives a lot of benefit to the diabetic patient.
When pneumonia occurs, mix the gular fruit with water and brew it and feed the decoction to the pneumonia patient. The use of this decoction gives a great relief to the pneumonia patient.
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