Alu Bukhara - Aaloo Bhukhara - Dried Plum - Alpacoda Pazham - Subgenus Prunus Dry Fruit

Aloo bukhara is a juicy and soft fruit that is consumed as a balanced diet. The benefits of plum when consumed as a balanced diet help to provide many health benefits. It helps to maintain your body weight and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. The benefits of plum are not only so much, but it also helps in reducing the cholesterol of the body and increasing the quality of the blood condition. This fruit can be used in a natural way to overcome many problems related to your skin, heart and digestion. The benefits of plum are due to good amount of antioxidants present in it.

Alu Bukhara is extremely helpful in preventing osteoporosis in women. Women after menopause consume plums so they can protect themselves from osteoporosis.

The antioxidants present in it help to keep your skin as well as the brain healthy. It also plays an important role in reducing your stress.

It reduces your bad cholesterol and increases the immunization. Alu bukhara contains iron content that helps in the formation of blood cells. Potassium makes the body's cells strong and blood pressure is also under control.

100 grams of plum contains about 46 calories. Hence, calories are found to be much lower than other fruits. For this reason, it also helps to control your weight.

Vitamin C in plum helps to keep your eyes and skin healthy and also enhances immunity. Vitamin K and B6 are also found in abundance.


It prevents blood clots, which reduces the likelihood of blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.

Plum intake with peels helps prevent breast cancer. It prevents the growth of cancer and tumor cells.

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