Embelia Ribes are the seeds of a woody creeper having the soft stems. The seeds are just like black pepper having Brown Red or black in color. 

PHYTOCONSTITUENTS 1) Phenolic compound: Quinones derivatives Embelin, Embelinol,Embeliaribyl ester and Embeliol and Vilangin 2) Flavanoid: Quercitol  3) Alkaloids:  Fruit contains christembine. 

The seeds are also known as vai vadang, false black pepper and Vayu Vidanga.  The various other names through which the seeds are known are Badanj, Biranj Kaabilee, Virang, False Black Pepper, White Flowered Embelia, Vayavadang, Vayvidang, Vavirang, Baberang, Vayubaliga, Vayuvidanga, Babading, Vavadinga, Karkannie, Birang Kaabilee, Babrung, Vavaring, Vidanga, Kirmigha, Jantughna, Baobarang, and Wawding. 

Embelia ribes (E.ribes) belongs to family of Myrsinaceae. The seeds are contraceptive,  anti-bacterial,  and have antibiotic and ant tubercular properties. 

The seeds are widely used in many types of medicines specifically in Ayurveda and Unani methodologies and are a popular ingredient in medicines for treating the worm infestations. 

The other benefits of the seeds include:

1. It helps in strengthening of the body.

2. It is very helpful in treating the chest congestion and respiratory disorders.

3. It helps in treatment of gums and teeth related diseases like swelling of gums.

4. The seeds are also widely used in Fungal and Microbial Infections. 

Though the seeds are very useful and versatile still the precautions should be measured and should not be consumed by the people having acidity or gastric problems. It is also recommended to not to use the seeds during pregnancy and breast- feeding period.

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