Very few people will know the name of Akarakara. You will be surprised to know that the medicinal and Ayurvedic properties of Akarakra is countless. In Ayurveda, akarakara powder and powder are used as medicine. It works like magic for diseases such as headaches, toothache, bad smell, toothache, hiccups. Let us know about it in detail.


If you are troubled by toothache, then taking Aarakara in this way provides quick relief. Make a powder by grinding 2 grams of camphor and 1 gram of rock salt in 10 grams akarkara root or flower. Brushing this powder provides relief from all types of dental pain.


In case of hiccups, lick half to one gram of akarkara-root-powder with honey. It shows miraculous effects on hiccups.


In different diseases related to stomach such as stomachache, flatulence, indigestion, indigestion, taking akarkara is beneficial.


According to research, Akarakra has a brain tonic, due to which it is helpful in increasing intelligence.


If you are disturbed by mild dizziness and lethargy, then Akarakara can be consumed. It is popularly believed that to get rid of lethargy and to get rid of mild dizziness, you can eat a little bit of akarkara powder mixed with honey.

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