The scientific name of the plant of Lajwanti or Chimimui is Mimosa pudica. The leaves and seeds of the Lajwanti plant are classified as herbs due to their benefits and health benefits. It is a perennial plant that is used to overcome a number of health problems. It is very popular due to the shy nature of this plant. Because touching this plant makes this plant very calm. For this reason, it is also called a sensitive plant or touch me not plant.

This plant is rarely found in forests or plains. This plant is found in any nursery. And you can buy this plant from there. Friends, you can apply this plant in your pot.

If you are fond of spicy, spicy food, then the chances of getting piles increases considerably. Bleeding piles often occurs when there is a problem with haemorrhoids, this problem is called bloody piles. You can use Lajwanti in this problem.

Lajwanti Seeds Benefits

Lajvanti is a very popular plant to increase the masculine strength of men. The man whose masculine strength is completely gone. This plant returns the masculine power of that person in just 10 days. Friends, if a person is troubled by this problem, then he has to take two grams of Lajwanti roots, three to four cardamom and 3 grams of Semal bark. After this, grind these three things well. And to mix. And now by taking this mixture before going to bed at night, any kind of masculine weakness is cured in just 10 days.

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