Often we have heard from older people that eat nuts. But we think that eating nuts will increase our weight and we do not eat it. This is absolutely wrong thinking, dry fruits are very nutritious and nuts are the most beneficial. Whenever I go out of the house for work for the whole day, my mother puts a handful of almonds in my bag and says whenever you feel hungry eat it, because it has the ability to control your hunger and it also gives strength. 

Many people are troubled by problems such as loss of appetite, or feeling less hungry, or anorexia. Such people benefit from eating almonds. 

Wrinkling on the face is also a common problem. Men or women, try many remedies to cure all facial wrinkles, but many times they do not get complete success. In this case, you should use almonds. Grind mustard, almond, Vacha and rock salt and apply it on the face. It ends facial wrinkles. 

Cough is a very common problem. Due to change in the weather, or many other reasons, people get an equal cough. If you also have trouble with cough, use badam oil. It provides relief in cough.

Skin disease is a disease that is not easily cured. If this disease occurs on that part of the body, and it is not covered, then it becomes difficult for the patient to live together in the family. There is also a reluctance to get out of the house due to skin disease. In this case, grind the almonds and apply. It provides relief in skin diseases like scabies, itching etc.



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