The special thing about Lajwanti is that the herb shrinks as soon as you apply your hand, and it comes back to its former state after removing the hand, this is the special identity of this herb. Plants of this species are found in many forms. Its flowers are pink in color and small. Its root is acidic and hard in taste. 

If you are fond of spicy, spicy food, then the chances of getting piles increases considerably. Bleeding piles often occurs when there is a problem of hemorrhoids, this problem is called bloody piles. You can use Lajwanti in this problem. 

Children always suffer minor injuries or wounds, they get cured quickly by using Lajwanti without worrying. 

There are many jadi buti stores which sell Lajwanti seeds but IndianJadiBooti provide best quality lajwanti seed and has wide range of products. 

If you are suffering from diabetes then using Lajwanti is beneficial for you. Lajwanti has anti-diabetic properties that help in controlling blood sugar levels.

Lajwanti can be used as an ayurvedic medicine. Lajwanti has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, its use provides relief from joint pain and swelling.

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