Hardly anyone is unfamiliar with the Neem tree. Neem is known for its bitterness. Everyone will know that neem is very beneficial for health even after being bitter, but you will not have full knowledge of what are the benefits of neem or in which diseases neem can be used.

Due to the properties of neem, it is also called the kalpa tree of the earth. People usually use Neem to get benefit in wound, skin diseases but the truth is Neem Ke Fayde is also found in many other diseases.

Neem is also very beneficial for leprosy and other skin diseases. Its fibers are full of the properties of cleansing the blood. Neem oil (Neem ka Tel) has been found to have the destroying properties of the three species of bacteria causing TB or tuberculosis. Thick coating of neem leaves reduces the ability of cancer cells to grow. Let us know in which diseases you can use neem and what are the benefits of neem.
Eating neem increases immunity. Yes, if a few neem leaves are chewed daily on an empty stomach, it is very beneficial for health, as it has anti-oxidant properties.

Neem leaves cures the digestive function of the stomach. It removes problems like stomach ulcers, burning, gas. It also relieves constipation problem. Neem cleans the stomach completely by removing toxic substances from the stomach.

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