You must have used flax seeds at home every day. Linseed is used in many home dishes. Although the seeds of alsi are very small, but it has so many qualities, which you cannot guess. Do you know that the seeds of linseed which you all use only as a food item, can also cure diseases? Yes, flaxseeds have more benefits.

The other name of linseed is Tasi. It is a herb, which is also used as a medicine. Depending on the nature of the locations, there is also a difference in the look, shape, and size of the Teesi seeds. These seeds are white, yellow, red, or slightly black throughout the country. Teasi of hot regions is considered to be the est. Usually, people use Teesi seeds, oil. Use of Teesi can be taken in diseases such as breath, throat, throat, phlegm, digestive system disorders, wounds, leprosy etc.

Are you most troubled by the headache problem nowadays? So one can get rid of this problem with an easy home remedy. The use of flaxseed properly to get relief from a headache can bring full benefits of flaxseed. For this, grind the flax seeds in cold water and apply it. It provides relief in headaches caused by inflammation, or other types of headaches, or head sores.

If you are suffering from a cold, you can use Teesi. Clean fine linseed linseed and roast it on low heat. When it fries well, and smells, then grind it. Add equal amount of sugar in it. The way to eat linseed is to take 5 grams of it with hot water, morning and evening. It is beneficial in cold.

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